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Add an item to the A to Z index  Task

Use the A to Z category panel to specify which letters your post will appear under. By default the A to Z is applicable to Tasks, Pages and Projects. In …

Add an item to the jargon buster  Task

Left-hand menu: Jargon buster or Glossary items Add items with descriptions to appear in the jargon buster page template. You can add full descriptions with links, images and formatted text.

Available templates  Guide

Information on templates in the GovIntranet theme.

Change a page layout  Task

Use the Page Attributes panel to change the template of a page.

Update the homepage manually  Task

Edit the homepage to add customised messages. From version, only administrators can edit the homepage. Homepage settings Add an emergency announcement To add an alert at the top of …

Add an advert or campaign to the sidebar  Task

You may wish to promote certain campaigns, news stories, or better still, tasks and guides on the intranet. There are several places that you can put advert touts or campaign …

What accessibility accesskeys are built in?  Task

GovIntranet supports the following accesskey shortcuts: S – Skip navigation 1 – Home page 4 – Search 9 – Feedback form Option 9 requires the HT Feedback widget.