Add an item to the A to Z index Task

A to ZUse the A to Z category panel to specify which letters your post will appear under. By default the A to Z is applicable to Tasks, Pages and Projects.

In the A to Z listing, the page will be displayed using the page title, but only if one of the words in the page title starts with the letter being viewed.

For example, a task titled “View the lunch menu” could be listed under V, L or M and view, lunch or menu will be made bold on the appropriate entry.

To include an item under a letter that does not exist as the first letter in any of the words in your page title, you can add extra A to Z entries in the keywords field within square brackets.

For example, you could add [Canteen menu] on the View the lunch menu keywords and then specify letter C in the A to Z category panel. Then the task will also be listed on the letter C page as Canteen menu.

Word in brackets won’t be included in the search engine index – so you’ll need to repeat these words again outside of the brackets to make sure that they get picked up in search.

See a live example in the A to Z