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News update 6 Jun 2022 Theme updates 

PHP warning fix for Relevanssi ‘did you mean?’ code. New HTTP header security entries Bug fix in A to Z taxonomy template for entries with ‘comment’ as the key word


News update 10 Apr 2022 Theme updates 

ACF PRO 5.12.2


News update 10 Apr 2022 Theme updates 

Improvements to the customiser / news update widget.

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News update 9 Apr 2022 Plugin updates 

Fixes for avatar sizes.


News update 8 Apr 2022 Theme updates 

New CSS classes added to homepage content and emergency message areas.


News update 4 Apr 2022 Theme updates 

Bug fix on staff directory A to Z letters being greyed out due to lower case first names.


News update 27 Mar 2022 Theme updates 

Accessibility improvements on sidebar related posts and intraverts. Read more links now have context.


News update 27 Mar 2022 Theme updates 

ACF PRO 5.12.1


News update 1 Mar 2022 Theme updates 

Main search button styling tweaks. More to follow. Vacancy page template search filter correction. More avatar size fixes.


News update 25 Feb 2022 Theme updates 

Updates for ACF PRO 5.12