Add or edit a task Task

Left-hand menu: Tasks


Enter the title of the task using concise, active language, without the “how do I” prefix and without adding -ing to verbs, e.g. “book a meeting room” instead of “how to book a meeting room” or “booking a meeting room”.


Ensure that the permalink shows the correct URL for the task. For the above example it would be book-a-meeting-room.

Main content

Enter the task text in the main content area. Use headings and bullet points as required.


If the task starts with a bulleted list or any other formatting which may look odd when pulled together in search result snippets or task listings, then enter a short description of the task here.


The author details may appear at the bottom of pages in the footer. Enter the appropriate contact for this intranet page.

Document attachments

If this task has associated documents that will be uploaded to WordPress then you can upload/choose the document by clicking add-file. See Media Library help in main documentation. Documents entered here will appear on the task page in a blue box. You can add more than one.

Related tasks

You can link other tasks and guides on the intranet so that they will appear in a right-hand box on this task page.  Choose one or more tasks by typing the name of the task into the box and choosing from the results. You can change the order that the tasks will be displayed by dragging the tasks within the box. Adding page B as a related task on page A means that page A will also appear as a related task on page B.

Page type

Leave as a task.


Leave blank for a task.


Enter other words that staff may search on to find this task. You don’t need to use words that already appear in the title or body copy.  Synonyms and acronyms work well. It’s ok to leave keywords blank.


Choose one or more categories for this task.


If this task can be grouped with other content from across the intranet then provide a tag. For example, the tag “meetings” might cover booking a meeting room, organising catering for a meeting and collecting visitors. The tag “rooms” might cover the post room, changing rooms, book a meeting room, prayer room etc.  Unlike keywords, you should think of other content across the intranet that you can group using a tag.


See how to add an item to the A to Z index.