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Add or edit a news story  Task

Left-hand menu: News stories Post format Set the format to Status to highlight news in the “Need to know” widget. These posts do not appear as feature news stories and will …

Allow comments on a news story or blog post  Task

Turn on comments on individual posts in the Discussions panel.

Feature a video in a news story  Task

To show a playable video in news listings instead of an image, change the post format to Video. This will display an additional field for you to enter the URL …

What are “news updates”  Task

News updates are designed for categorised announcements such as IT service updates and building updates that do not form part of regular news stories. They are not connected to “news” posts. …

Add an advert or campaign to the sidebar  Task

You may wish to promote certain campaigns, news stories, or better still, tasks and guides on the intranet. There are several places that you can put advert touts or campaign …

Tips for managing emergency communications  Task

Tips and techniques for controlling news and hub areas for emergency communications.