Manage widgets Guide

3. (Govintra) Blog posts widget

Use the blog posts widget to highlight new blog posts. You can set the freshness period so that older posts will not be displayed.

(Govintra) Blog posts widget

Example blog posts widget settings.

Widget settings


Text to display as a H3 heading.

Number of items

The number of blog posts to display.


Only show blog posts that were published this number of days ago. If there are no fresh blog posts, the widget will not display.

Show excerpt

Include the event excerpt text.

Show link to more

Include a link to the blog post archive page at the footer of the widget.

Title for more

Custom text to display for the more link at the footer of the widget display.


For installations without site caching, use this option to keep a copy of the widget content for faster loading.

Show thumbnails

This will display the featured image of the blog post. If not featured image is present, the blogger’s avatar will show instead.

Force user avatar

If set to show thumbnails, this option will show the blogger’s avatar in preference over the featured image of the blog post.

Pin posts

Feature posts at the top of the list. This can include news, blog posts or events.

Blog categories

Only include posts categorised with the chosen blog categories.

Example blog posts widget display

Example blog posts widget display