Manage widgets Guide

4. (Govintra) Events widget

Displays forthcoming events. You can choose how many events to display and whether to show thumbnail images and other options.

Events widget

(Govintra) Events widget settings

Widget settings


Text to display as a H3 heading.

Number of items

The number of future events to display.

Show calendar

Displays a calendar day in brand colours showing weekday, date and month.

Show letterbox image

Display the featured image for the event.

Show location

Include the location as plain text.

Show excerpt

Include the event excerpt text.

Show recent

If no future events are available, this option will show recent events.


For installations without site caching, use this option to keep a copy of the widget content for faster loading.

Text date format

Customise the date format.

Event types

Only include events categorised with the chosen event types.

Example events widget

Example widget showing all options.