Learn about the intranet options Guide

2. General intranet options

Login logo

Add a custom logo to appear on the login screen.

Base font

Choose from Helvetica Neue or Open Sans.

Hide reciprocal related links

By default, if you add a related link from page 1 to page 2, related links will display on both pages. If you want to make “one-way” related links, check this option.

Restrict category authors

Check this option to stop authors from creating categories.

Restrict category editors

Check this option to stop editors from creating categories.

Show ACF admin

Show or hide the Custom Fields menu in the admin dashboard.

404 page not found

Text to display as a heading on the 404 page. Defaults to “Not found.”

Comment instructions

Text to be displayed on comment forms. Different versions are available for logged-in and logged-out users.

Must login message

Text to display for logged-out users when they are required to login to post comments.

Show registration link

Adds a registration link to the utility menu.

Show login link

Adds a login/logout link to the utility menu.

Show like count

If using the “Love It Pro” plugin, show a count of likes on post entries.


Load Bootstrap components from the MaxCDN network.

Track homepage

Use Google Analytics tracking on the homepage. In some cases you may not wish to count every view to the homepage, especially if the homepage is the default page is user browsers.

Google tracking code

Enter your Google Analytics tracking code here. This will be loaded on every page (only on the homepage if tracking is on).

Header code

Use this area for any javascript code that should be loaded in the page header. For example, use code for Google Web Fonts here.


Enter your subscription key to receive theme updates.