Learn about the intranet options Guide

3. Search options

Enable helpful search

If switched on, a perfect match result will go straight to the page. A perfect match is when only one search result is found for a given search query.

Enable search stemmer

Also search for variations of words in the search query.

Disable “did you mean?”

If you use Relevanssi, the “did you mean?” functionality is enabled in Govintra by default. This feature will provide feedback for searches that do not produce any results, with a link to try another search query. Choose this option to disable the “did you mean?” functionality if you want to use the spelling corrections feature.

Disable spelling corrections

Instead of “did you mean?”, leave this option unchecked to automatically search again if a search produces no results. This option will attempt to correct spelling in the search query based on all indexed content. Check this option to disable spelling corrections if you are using the “did you mean?” feature.

You should not use both “did you mean?” and spelling corrections. Please disable one or both.

Enable attachments filter

Show attachments as an option in search result filters if you index documents.

Enable forums filter

Show forums, topics and replies as options in search result filters.

Start with filter panel closed

Choose this option to contract the search filter panel by default.

Enable attachments filter

Include documents and images in the search filter options.

Enable forums filter

Include forums, topics and replies in the search filter options.

Jumbo searchbox

Promote the search box on the homepage. Use custom css to style.

Override search button icon

Use a text button on the search box instead of the standard icon.

Search placeholder

Text to be displayed in the search box. Defaults to “Search”. Enter one or more alternative phrases separated by ||. These will be shown at random with the first item being favoured.

Search not found

Use this area to display text and media when a search produces no results.