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Add a poll

You’ll need the Gravity Forms and Gravity Forms Polls plugins to use these instructions. Create a poll In Forms, add a new form and give it a title. On the …

Task (Category: Forms and polls | Setup and configuration) 

Available plugins

This guide includes all plugins available via the plugins download.

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Document finder template (Available templates)

The document finder displays a paginated list of documents that have been categorised in the media library. You can filter the list by category and document type. Available via the …

Guide (Category: Page templates) 

Enable the Document Finder and Media A to Z

The Media A to Z plugin adds three new taxonomies to the media library and two new page templates. Media taxonomies: A to Z, category and document type. Templates: Document …

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Hashtags template (Available templates)

Displays a grid of cards for a chosen tag. Posts, news, news updates, blog posts and events will be displayed. Choose one tag and specify how many posts to display. …

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HT A to Z (Available plugins)

Provides a widget to display a panel of A to Z links.

Guide (Category: Setup and configuration) 

HT Accessibility checker (Available plugins)

This colour contrast accessibility checker displays a pass or fail for colour elements throughout the theme.  

Guide (Category: Setup and configuration) 

HT Content assistant (Available plugins)

This plugin provides a copilot assistant for news and tasks editing screens. Think of it as stabilisers while learning to ride a bike. Advice is displayed at the top of …

Guide (Category: Setup and configuration) 

HT Content report CSV (Available plugins)

This plugin provides tools to export and download reports. 

Guide (Category: Setup and configuration) 

HT Dashboard latest user edits (Available plugins)

This plugins adds a dashboard widget that highlights latest posts that have been edited. The tool was designed for busy editors to pick up where the left off on recent …

Guide (Category: Setup and configuration)