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HT Timelines (Available plugins)

Add the timelines template.

Guide (Category: Setup and configuration) 

HT Top tags widget (Manage widgets)

This widget is based on the Most Active plugin and uses data from Google Analytics to derive popular tags based on pageviews. You should specify how many analytics results to use …

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HT Tube status (Available plugins)

For London-based staff, this widget provides live updates on the London Underground.

Guide (Category: Setup and configuration) 

HT User tags (Available plugins)

Adds a new field on all user profiles that can be updated only by administrators. The field allows admins to tag users and then user the usertags shortcode to display …

Guide (Category: Setup and configuration) 

Manually download theme and plugin updates

NEW! Download theme and plugin updates via the online form. Theme updates Use the following URL in your browser to download the govinranet.zip file. Replace YOUR-SUBSCRIPTION-KEY with your subscription key: …

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Media A to Z template (Available templates)

Available via the HT Media A to Z plugin.

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Install plugins (Setup GovIntranet for the first time)

In WordPress, activate the following Helpful Technology plugins as required: HT A to Z HT How do I? HT Most active HT Most recent HT Search autocomplete (customised plugin) HT …

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HT Recent Comments widget (Manage widgets)

Use the HT Recent Comments widget to display a list of comments. You can filter the list by post type. Note that this is not the Recent Comments widget that …

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Replace an existing document

You can update an existing document and keep the existing links in place. Use the Media Library and click the edit link for the document that you want to update. …

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Update Intranet Theme

How to update the GovIntranet theme and plugins.

Task (Category: Setup and configuration)