Update Intranet Theme Task

Manual theme and plugin updates

You can download the latest version of the theme and plugins at: http://github.com/helpful/govintranet/archive/master.zip

Unzip the file and copy to your server folders as follows:

If you don’t have any special fonts or CSS installed as part of the theme files you can copy the complete /govintranet/ folder to /wp-content/themes/ and overwrite the govintranet folder.

If you have special fonts or CSS installed, copy the contents of the govintranet folder to /wp-content/themes/govintranet/ – excluding the /fonts or /css folder.

Copy the contents of the /plugins/ folder to /wp-content/plugins/ (don’t overwrite the whole plugins folder)

Automatic theme updates

GovIntranet includes theme update notifications in the admin dashboard. You can benefit from automated updates if your server and WordPress installation is configured to allow updates via the dashboard or automatic theme updates.