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Change category colours

Left-hand menu: Tasks, Categories Change foreground and background colours of individual categories. Foreground text appears on background colours when categories are displayed on individual posts, so choose combinations with adequate …

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Change the background colour

The background colour affects the left and right margins of the intranet. To change the colour, go to Appearance, Customise, Colours.

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Configure settings (Setup GovIntranet for the first time)

In Settings, Permalink settings, switch the type to post name and update .htaccess if required. In Settings, General, add appropriate titles and email address. In Options, enter your intranet settings. In …

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Find out how the colour scheme works

There are 2 main colours settings used in the theme; the header background and the complementary colour. The header background colour is also used for tags. You can change the …

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Highlight text with a coloured box

Switch to text view on the editing screen. Then paste the lines of code below and insert your text in the middle. <div class=”alert alert-info”> …your block of text… </div> …

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Theme customiser

Most settings for the theme styles are handled in the theme customiser. Site identity Colours This panel controls the header text and background colours, button text and link colours. Header …

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