Find available shortcodes Guide

9. Display a list of users by tag

The ‘usertags’ shortcode is available with the HT User tags plugin. This allows admins to select tags for users so that users can be grouped. This is typically used for groups such as First Aiders, Fire Marshalls or Wellbeing Champions.

Use the shortcode to display blocks of staff profiles for a given tag.

[usertags tag="fire-marshall" group="building" order="first" cols="3"]

The above example will display staff who have been tagged as a Fire Marshall and the listing will be grouped by building.

Shortcode settings


This must be the slug of the tag (all lower-case with no spaces).

group (optional)

Use building to group the list by building.

Use location to group the list by location.

order (optional)

Sorts the user names by first or last name

cols (optional)

Display the blocks in columns: use 3, 2 or 1

Install the HT Locations plugin to add buildings and locations to the staff directory profiles.